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Shipping fairings

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Hi there, have a fellow zx6r member that wants to buy my complete set of fairings. I was going to ship it in a Hot Bodies track fairings box which is I conveniently have and everything fits in nicely. However, it's too large for USPS, it's about 60" x 30" x 30" and 20lbs.

FedEx quoted..$1500!!!! WTF.

Are there any other options? I'm shipping from San Jose to Houston.

Please help!
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I'm surprised the USPS wouldn't ship it for you. Go to a different USPS store. I was able to ship the oddest object ever, a pigeon photo box that was essentially a huge square but with a giant end coming out about 8 inches on one side, through the post office. It was a hassle but they did it. It was roughly 25lbs. Don't see why fairings in a box wouldn't work.
I used the USPS calculator tool online and it rejected my dimensions, I guess I can just bring it to the store. I'll give it a shot tomorrow, thanks!
Greyhound bus....really !

Or... ship it by truck


But I can tell you that size box is not cheap unless you have a contract with UPS., Fed Ex, etc...

Good luck.

try Uship .. .maybe youll get on an episode of shipping wars :)
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Not going to get FedEx or UPS or USPS to ship something that size. FedEx and UPS both will charge you "dimensional weight" and "oversize" or "large package" surcharges on that. UPS flat won't take it because it's too big. They will ship it freight if you want though.

Dimensional weight means they don't care that it's only 20 lbs. They are doing to charge you like it weight a few hundred. They have a calculation they apply based on the volume of the package. But 165 is the max they take in dimensions. Longest side + 2xwidth + 2xheight. Yours is 180 so they won't take it.

Your going to have to break it down into a couple of smaller boxes but be prepared for the price anyway. UPS is god awful expensive since switching over to using dimensional weight for everything.

As suggested a freight company might be your best bet. I don't think the bus companies will take anything that big either.

In the end, it might be cheaper just to drive it there yourself.
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