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Severed Speed Sensor wires, 06 ZX6R

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Apparently I severed the three speed sensor wires while replacing the motor and I can't find where it ties back into the wire harness. I found the wiring diagram and saw where it electrically connects but that doesn't help me find the physical location on the harness.

Can anyone assist me with a photo of their speed sensor wire and where it ties into the harness?

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If you remove your seat and lift the tank I'm sure you'll see the other half of the connection.
Bike is apart... if it were that easy I wouldn't have posted. I think it pulled out from right at the harness and I started unwrapping the electrical tape on the harness to no avail. I will keep unwrapping if no one has any useful info but thought I'd try.
To be more specific it should be right above the rear shock, it was run through the hole in that rubber flap Under the gas tank. had to replace it on my 09.
Here, man. Not the easiest thing to get a pic of but...

1st pic, it's the wire bundle I'm pointing at. It meets the wiring harness just above my finger.

2nd pic, it's the wire bundle immediately to the right of the white plug (which I believe is the connector for the TPS sensor).


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Thanks a lot man, was able to track the two main ones. Haven't found black yet but I could ground it elsewhere if needed.

Appreciate the time for photos.


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What a rat's nest. I don't envy you that job. Glad you found the important two wires though. Good luck with it.

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