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Searching for a j front fairing!

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Looking to update my g but cannot find front fairing that's not cracked anywhere!! Except China that is. Got an 04 tail etc to do that end, just tired of her looking like a cyclops!
I'm in South London if anyone can help.
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ive got the bloody lot ....with headlights everything you need
J front B rear all painted and mint
im in brighton
pm if you want any pics
Funny you say b rear, I'm currently following your tail conversion thread and have found my eBay tail is a little more damaged than first thought.
At this stage until another g subframe arrives.


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I also followed scoobs quid when converting mine to a b1h rear end. Was also going to convert to a bug eye front but ran out of money as some maintanance jobs were more important
i done that on my j i used projectors from a bmw mini cooper they did look good with green halos aswell ,sold them now though as gone for track/road
Well I bought another g/j subframe so I can still ride until I'm ready.
It arrived today typically after our long weekend! But better late than never do here we go.


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Raise tail?
This is mock up as my bikes still in one piece until I'm ready.(I know they are way too long) and If It works and I get it right I'll get it welded.

Any opinions?


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