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Scratched the Itch!!!

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So, I lived with sub-zero temps here for most of February and when we finally got some snow melting over the weekend, I got the itch real bad. I spent all day yesterday in the garage putting back together some stuff I took apart earlier in the winter when it was barely warm enough to be in the garage. Today, as I drove home with my windows and sunroof open in the beautiful 42 degree weather and sunshine, I knew I couldn't wait any longer!

So I took a little ride to and from a 6:30-8 meeting about 15 min from my house:

As it turns out, it was a little chilly by the time I rode home (about 37 deg) and the roads were still very messy. There was a lot of salt and sand and water from melting snow all over the road still. I'm definitely glad I went out and did it, but I'll certainly be waiting to go out again until the roads clear up a bit.

Either way, I scratched the itch to ride and was able to control myself enough to make myself ride like an old lady and not wipe out on all the crap on the roads...so, overall, good day :bigthumb:
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Yeah it's amazing how warm 40 degrees feels after a harsh winter. I had all the windows down in the car and almost forgot about all the snow we have :thumbdown:. I was thinking about taking the bike out today too but figured I'd better play it safe and wait for the road conditions to improve a little.

Beautiful bike btw, those decals look really nice.
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damn I'm from the south suburbs of Chicago and obviously we get bad winters to. But for the most part the roads where pretty clear from salt and other shit. only thing that was to worry about is water form the melting snow.. but that was only on certain parts and areas. but other than that has been a great few days i must say! Oh and it was in the upper 50s today and is suppose to be like that the rest of the week !
Sounds like my day yesterday :bigthumb:
Thats awesome man. I finally got to ride today after almost a month and it was amazing.
I did it again! Beautiful 55 degree day here in West Michigan meant that I just couldn't resist myself! It also gave me a chance to test out the new helmet I picked up at the end of last season:
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Nice man, I also made it out today for a little ride its been at least a couple months since I could get out. It was warm but my still glad I had my heated gear on keeps you nice and toasty.
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