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At least 80% of the sport bikes in my area have stretched swing arms.
That's a great way to fuck up a perfectly good motorcycle, what is wrong with people? I don't think I've ever seen a stretched swingarm on the road here, they are vanishingly rare.

As for bikes in central/southern Alberta, I see mostly HD/cruiser types and ADV bikes. After that is probably standards and then sport bikes bringing up the rear. I would say most sport bikes have a slip on can, but a good chunk of them are not obnoxiously loud. Keep in mind I live and ride in a rural area and seldom go near a major city. I suspect the mix of obnoxious exhaust to reasonable ones changes if you go hang out at some of the bike spots in Calgary. There is a much higher concentration of douchebags in the cities...

Not mentioned is dirt bikes, but I see a lot of them in trucks heading to the mountains for off road fun. There is a lot of off road riding in the area and many people I know own offroad bikes but not street bikes.

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