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REVIVAL! (from the dead)!, 2005 ZX6RR

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So, I thought I would start a thread about my winter project. Picked up a dead 2005 rr from a co-workers husband that got it from a friend, that found it in a grandma's garage that said G'ma road raced back in,,,,, anyways,,, it came from somewhere, and now I HAVE IT!! I hauled it home (most of it in boxes) and started piecing it back together to see if I had everything.
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I cleaned up the plastic a little and set the tank back on just to get a better pic of what I had. Figured I should start taking pics of my progress. This thing has not ran since 2013 so I'm sure there will be some issues.

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Got a chance today to dig a little deeper into this rig. Haven't found anything horrible yet. Replaced some small tubing that a mouse had chewed off and pulled the spark plugs. I drained the oil, put a new filter on and re-filed with some oil that I will only leave in long enough to run during the diagnosis "period". I hope to get it fired up tomorrow and get enough heat in her so I can locate the coolant leaks and hopefully do a compression check. Anyone know the compression numbers for this bike? Lots of work to do!!!
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I've always ran Core Moto stuff but I've heard nothing but good stuff about galfer. I like CM because of all the different color options for custom lines
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