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had a 99 g2 last year (in green of course) loads of my buds are on gixer thous,anyway while out on a steady blast they left me behind on a long coastal direction road bit dissapointed but hey i was on a six.well i arrived some ten minuites after them and they instantlly asked what kept me ?
well i had to tell them that i was flatt @ 172 and they just kept loaming into the distance to which one of em says aw its restricted .
anyway moral of this story is i had a look at a well known tweek shop and hay presto thier was a derestrictor listed fo my kwak g2 so bought it with out thought,plug straight in to main loom .
next coast run we done i kept doing em on every roundabout till the straight
dont ask what inprovments it made cos i didn't want to look down,but the tea was hot when i arrived..
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