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Renting a Ninja in San Diego

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Before you tell me to search Google I already have. Here's what I found:

The background: I have a coworker coming into town from Indonesia for two weeks and he told me that he would like to ride my bike while he is here. I assumed it was for him to take his entire family sightseeing here in San Diego and I told him it's not like home and you can't put more than two people on a bike. He assured me that it will only be him but I still said no. :laugh

He rented a Ducati last time he was here on business but the place he rented it from only deals in exotics and he wants to try a ZX6R. My idea of him renting the Ducati and switching with me for the weekend is on the table but... does anyone know where one could rent a ZX6R, or even a R6 or Gixxer here in San Diego? If you have any experience personally regarding price and availability I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in advance.
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