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Rear wheel issue, won't fit with spacers

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Hey guys,
I have a 2006 zx6r 636 and I had removed the rear wheel for a tire change and now I can't get it back in. Ive checked the service manual to see how the spacers are supposed to fit, I've taken apart and reassembled the drive side, and it just doesn't seem to have enough room still. Ive looked at some other threads and tried their suggestions but still nothing. It's beyond frustrating and any help asap would be awesome. I'm out of ideas
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Check the parts diagram on partzilla for the rear wheel to make sure. Also, it can be a pain in the ass as you have millimeters of clearance. Start with one side then the other. Or start with the caliper bracket off then slide the unit in. I know, it's a royal PIA, but it'll fit so long as everything is in place as it should be.
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You should not take stuff apart if you do not know what you are doing.
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I have changed wheels many times on my previous bikes. First time for the zx6r.
There's a cm or so that's stopping it from fitting, I even put the axle through without the rear brake mount to get a better visual for why it won't fit.


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It will fit. Put a couple blocks of wood under the tire so u can just slide it into place. Make sure all the washers n spacers are sitting tightly flush against eachother. U gotta slide both sides in at about the same time. Theres so little clearance if u try one side at a time the other side will have too much angle on it to go in.
The spacers are specific to a certain side. Make sure you got the right spacers on the right side.
Did you take the sprocket off?. That will be your 1 cm. When you put it back in its place you have to give it a push and it will go in just a bit more.
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No matter how confident you are in your work, you have not reassembled it correctly if it is that far off. Make sure you get the correct spacer in the correct orientation under the sprocket carrier. That is the one that usually throws people off. Also it can take some for or even a couple of whacks with a rubber mallet to fully seat the sprocket carrier some times.
Watch these videos. It's super simple, couple of boots, little TLC and you're done.

Removing rear wheel.

Installing rear wheel.
I can almost guarantee its one of two things:

1. You are not using the spacers in the proper orientation.

2. You just are not lining it all up correctly before sliding in the axle.

I would be willing to be its more than likely point 2 above. Its a real pain in the ass getting everything aligned and back together and two sets of hands can really be helpful with this job until you get used to it.
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Did you take out the kush drive pads (if you took the sprocket off)? If so... did you put them back in backwards? That had me stumped one day and I never thought to look there until I pulled everything back apart and started over.
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like ebster said it can be a pain in the ass even when you do know what you're doing. these days it takes me anywhere from 1-10 minutes to get the frakkin' axle through on the rear wheel. it's always easier with a friend to help.
Did you take the sprocket off?. That will be your 1 cm. When you put it back in its place you have to give it a push and it will go in just a bit more.
Yeah, I usually put the wheel on the ground, sprocket side up, and then step on the sprocket to make sure it's seated all the way.
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