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First time I've ever experienced this. Got out of the house to blow off some steam, rode for around an hour and change, and was working my way back to my house.

First time I've seen 6 police cars in one spot in Caroline county, VA since I got here 4 years ago.

A number of officers standing down the centerline of the road, stopping all vehicles and inspecting them. Licenses, plates, registrations, vehicle inspection stickers.

I can't complain about being singled out -- I was the only bike stopped at the time, but I was also the only bike out there right then.

Had a short chat with the officer looking over my stuff, and he did a double take on my plate mounted to the fork leg that now has my DoD sticker on it -- which happens to be right over the top of the state inspection sticker.

He told me that it was illegal, as he could not make out the date to determine if the sticker was valid or not. I told him I had no where else to put my DoD sticker when I got that, and he told me to get it fixed but did not cite me. I agreed with him that I needed to do so and would comply.

As I was fully geared up, OEM exhaust, did not cop attitude, and conveniently showed him my retired mil ID along with my D/L, I caught a break.

This has been the norm for me in VA. I've been stopped in my car as well as on the bike -- I seem to be batting around 80% no citation. The one ticket I did manage to get that I could not work out of, was a RADAR tag from a moving vehicle that he had to double back and pull me over for.
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