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I wadded my bike into a cart wheel at the end of Feb, and after a lot of money, time, sweat and tears the thing is finally complete!

First time out on the bike since I Sept, I don't count the two laps I got in Feb before wrecking.
Got a chance to get a feel for the bike, had to pull my clip ons in a tad and adjust my rear sets.
Practiced the norm, trail braking, downshifts combined with braking, turning in and etc. I realized I was having horrid leg pain, because I would fight the bike down instead of putting more into counter steering. Once I started counter steering everything it was money.
I am booking through some of those turns and getting lower than I ever have before, it's a great feeling to improve :)
Over all I think it will be a good year! Round 1 is almost here!

Practice drill launch, always fun without a gauge
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