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Proud 2008 Zx6r owner!

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Hey all! My name is Raza! I just bought my first 600cc bike! I friggin love it!! It is crazy fast though hehehe. I always wanted a bike since I was a kid now i finally got one.
Sadly, the last 5 minutes of my ride home, my gear shifter bolt fell off?? So i had to ride home on 1st gear. I did order a new part though. I was wondering if that is normal??

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I'm going to ignore the fact you asked if parts falling off your bike is normal...it's not a Huffy. I looks like it was crashed at some point due to the lower fairing is green and in 08 they were black and the tail fairing is diffrent as well. I would go through that whole bike and check every nut, bolt ,screw on it.
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Welcome to the forums.... and I agree with what Innexes111 said. Goodluck! Stay Safe!
+1 on goin thru everything and make sure nothing else is wrong. That is not normal and not safe at all haha. Welcome and ride safe!
Welcome you'd be even more impressed with any other year but congrats
Buy a rear-stand so you can stabilize the bike for maintenance, and then love-up that bike with a good going over on everything you can see. Clean it up, scrub it up, get a metal brush and go over the chain to remove any rust, examine how each link moves, look over your cables and levers, thoroughly examine everything connected with the clutching and shifting process, replace anything that appears suspect.

Also, being a 2008 owner ... I'd consider making sure the radiator has a good flush because the 08's run a bit hot; you will always want to check the coolant levels, AND the oil levels because when it it hot it will burn off more oil than expected.

Do it up brother! And, welcome to the fraternity.

EDIT: I don't see swingarm spools so you'll have to pick up those along with the rear-stand. The spools are cheap; I have woodcrafts but others are just fine. You might also consider frame sliders as your first accessory.
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Parts falling off the bike is NEVER A GOOD SIGN. Heck screws and bolts falling off any vehicle that is meant as a means for transportation is a bad sign. I'd go over the entire bike with a fine tooth comb. Check everything and being an '08, I'd check to see if there is a leak from the gasket. Welcome and good luck
As everybody mentioned you need to go over the bike thoroughly for safety.
Pull off the fairings, Check the torque of nuts, bolts, various fasteners ect. Run the bike and check for any oil leaks.

Check your sprockets for wear. Especially the front. Check wear of the seals on the chain and check the chain slack. Check tires for wear, and check tire pressure. Get a service manual and just go through the maintenance.

Enjoy your bike man!
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Alright, everyone is making a HUGE deal of the bolt falling off (and it is a big issue), but it's not actually that uncommon. I know a bunch of people who've lost that shift pivot bolt off brand new bikes (or bikes that have never been torn down and put back together) because they don't (or didn't - not sure if they do on newer bikes) get loctite on them to begin with. So, no, it's not good that it fell out, but I don't think you need to be worried that you bought a piece of junk simply because that bolt fell out either :coocoo

As already suggested, it's a new bike to you, but it's used and you don't really know by whom or how hard, so you'll want to go through it and make sure it's all sound (by doing things like removing and loctiting bolts that shouldn't come out). Again, make sure other stuff isn't wrong, but that bolt falling out isn't a huge deal as an indicator of the condition of the bike. Put it back in and put some loctite on it this time, so it doesn't happen again and enjoy riding :bigthumb:
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Hello and welcome!

Also, that is actually one of the rearset bolts, not a shift pivot bolt.

As others said...I would not "Panic" because a bolt fell off...hell happened to me plenty of times (on different bikes).

However, It would not be a bad idea to pull the fairings off and do a "one over" on the bike.

Welcome to the crazy life my friend! :devious
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