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Probably totaled......

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Went out for a ride yesterday, I am heading down a long stretch of residential that's about 3 lanes wide... 35mph speed limit and I see a Cadillac inching towards the center line.... I figure he will correct himself when all of a sudden he speeds up and starts coming directly at me. I dart for a drive way and as I do he clips me in the leg and sends my bike spinning till it catches and ejects me 10 feet into a front yard where I tuck and roll. All while watching him take out a telephone pole.

I got up just to realize my foot and knee can't hold my weight. He gets out of his car and walks toward me and says "what happened" I yelled "you fucking hit me". And one of the witnesses proceeds to tell him to go back to his car and tells him I am carrying. :rolleyes:

Don't get me wrong I would have loved to put one in his fucking kneecap for how bad mine hurt but I don't feel like going to jail. My bike is now sitting at the tow company and I am laying on the couch enjoying some oxycodone. He was cited for crossing the centerline causing accident, driving while suspended and DUI..... He has insurance and I have a lawyer. Let's see what happens ;)

Nothing broken, but have to see a foot specialist if foot doesn't stop hurting and get an MRI done.....

Of I hadn't done what I did I would have been a lot worse off, check out the pole that stopped him....
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Well glad you're alright! I have one of those boots in my closet, just got it off ~2 weeks ago. Good luck healing up
That's horrible man; glad you're mostly okay.

Yeah, every time a car crosses the double yellow and I'm approaching I get a little shot of adrenaline / "oh fuck"... and just stare thinking, "I know you're going to pull your fucking car back into your lane...". Quite disconcerting to hear of this happening.
Like you said it could have been a lot worse. That's my biggest concern, DUI/ Distracted drivers. Never trust a cager!

Glad you are relatively OK, keep posted on your healing progress.:bigthumb:
Freaky. Glad you are in one piece.
Glad you're in one piece. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Shit man! Glad you're alright!
That's sucks, glad your alright...bright side is you got some drugs and that cock sucker just bought not a brandy new bike I'm sure
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Wow. Good thing overall you're okay. Could have been alot worse.
Wow man. U prolly saved urself by heading for the driveway and avoiding a direct hit. Glad u didnt get too hurt. And yes u shouldve capped his ass.
Wow, glad you are okay man!!!
Wow that's pretty crazy! Glad you are doing alright! I actually had something similar almost happen the other day and it scared the crap out of me. I was on a two lane road and someone came right across the line straight at me but luckily he swerved when he realized what was going on. Looked like he was texting while driving. Not really much I could do either except honk and flash my brights.

Anyway hopefully everything works out well and you'll be out riding again soon especially since the weather is starting to get nice :)
May you have a speedy recovery!
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