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I dont think i ever shared this to this group so hope this helps.The background is that i stilll have my old PC 3 from the R6 i used to own, so i reached out to Dynojet to ask about fitment or options. Below is a copy/paste of our Q/A:

"Hello. I still have the PC 3 from my 2008 Yamaha R6S. I now own a 2007 kawasaki ZX6R. Will this PC 3 also fit my ZX6R? I also have an opportunity to buy a autotune for PC 5. If the PC 3 from my R6S will not fit my ZX6R, i will seek out a PC5. Is the autotune a universal fit into all PC 5 modules? Also, do you offer any promotions for the PC5 if i were to mail in the PC 3? Thank you."

Them: "Hello XXXXXX, unfortunately, Power Commander units are not generic or interchangeable between models and vehicles. There is no way to adapt one unit to work on a vehicle other than what it was designed for. While they are all packaged in the same enclosure and use a similar style harness, each unit is specifically programmed for the vehicle it was designed to be used with. There are configuration settings that the end-user cannot see, that change the way the units work and interface with the stock ECM to keep from setting check engine lights, causing faults, etc.

You cannot repurpose one unit for use on a different application.

Under the circumstances where the unit is no longer within the warranty period, has been physically, damaged, modified, or otherwise no longer eligible for warranty consideration, we are able to extend an offer to trade it in for a new, discounted replacement or upgrade (if yours is an older generation) to our most current product offering under our "Customer Loyalty Program". The offer would replace or upgrade your unit to a brand new, retail packaged Power Commander 5 for a cost of $199.99, which is actually priced substantially below our normal dealer wholesale cost.

Our AutoTune kits for the PCV are not model specific and will work with any Power Commander 5. For your ZX6R you would use PN # AT-200.

If you need any additional information or have any questions, please let us know. Thank you
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