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Hi all. I hope I will eventually be an owner and active here. I would appreciate the help with these, might seem silly, questions I have.

So, I have 3 bikes currently that I literally love to death, a 2007 K1200S, a 2013 Street Triple R, and a 2018 Tiger 800 XRx. They are perfect for me, each one in their own way.

However... after a track day, I’m planning to go every chance I have. The street triple performed admirably... it is that the riding position really is not made for the track. Pls understand the following. :laughing. I do know I can swap to clip ons, however, I do like the fly screen, which has to go, plus need to relocate the dash. Yes, much cheaper than buying a new bike. BUT. The seating still is not up to tucking in, and it does have a Sargent seat, then rearsets. PLUS, I always itch for something new, and the 636 will be the far better machine for its purpose.

Yes, I understand I can get a used one... any decent Supersport. But I cannot have 4 bikes for now... so the street will go, so it has to be a trade in, since who knows when and if, in this local market, New Orleans, it will sell. My K1200S did not, after 2 months for a great price. So I said screw it, and I’m better off keeping this absolutely wonderful machine. Plus, the 636 I’m interested in has a great OTD price.

Anyway... my silly questions: bike will NOT be stripped. I’m by no means competing, just have fun, and will be ridden on the streets.

So, how easy it is to disconnect headlights, so lenses won’t melt? With projectors, I will not be swapping to LEDs, since I do not like the combo. Have LEDs on all my non projector vehicles

It kinda blows my mind bike does not have a fuel gauge? Not a deal killer, but common, 2018 model?

Quick shifters that work perfectly? Spoiled by the OEM add on on my Street Triple. How about for downshift also?

These are really my silly questions. I know the bike will be way above my abilities. Add anything else you want to that you might think it will be helpful.

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