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I love my new beast.
I'm used to off roading on ktm's and just picked up my 2006 636 on Saturday, did my first commute today on 'The Green Beast'......... why have waited so long.
It is awesome.
I'm pretty new to sports bikes, had a cbr 6 f for a month or so a couple of years ago and that was my first sports bike but had to get rid as I was about to become a father and either the KTM went or the cbr and as I love my off roading the cbr it was.
After my first commute today I can't beleive what I've been missing out on.
The beast has so much power as well as being nice at lower(ish) speeds.
Before I bought the beast I read on quite a few forums this may be too much bike for a new'ish sports biker.
Obviously I know I need to take it easy and get use to the bike but I couldn't love it any more than I do already.
I can't wait to go to work now :2fingerlol:
I set off this morning (its a 18mile ride) at 06:45 and arrived at work at 06:44 its that quick :devious:devious:devious
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