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Paint and plastics protection

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After the winter storage I wanted to wax the paint and the plastics for better protection in the next rainy days. What do you guys use and prefer? I found a nano ceramic coating, CERACOAT CERAMIC
Do any of you used it and does it deserve any attention or it is better to use a traditional wax?

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I personally don't know what to use, but I do know you have to be pretty careful about what you choose, as the clear coat is very delicate. You want to find something that adds a layer, not takes a layer away.
Yes, I know the products that polish and the others that make it shiny - waxes (sillicone or paraffin). The Ceracoat is being"nano". But did anyone used it?
Soap and water and then Honda spray polish. Hasn't done me wrong yet. But I've yet to own a bike longer than 3 years.
Not read the Ceracoat information but "nano" is a buzz word. If you look, every manufacturer of automotive wax/cleaner products has some polish or wax with "nano" in it's name. So, what exactly does "nano" mean in relation to cleaning and protection?

Any good carnauba wax will provide excellent paint protection and give it a nice glossy shine. Beyond that, I'm not sure that any of the products is better than any other. I think a fair amount of it is advertising snake oil.
How many months should i expect a good wax to stay on the paint and do it's work? I have never used such products before.
I use a product called 'Liquid Glass' and have for many years. Goes on/comes off easy and holds its shine for a long time.

Painted surfaces only. For cleaning plastics I use Plexus.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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