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overheating issue on longer rides

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When I ride my 1999 zx6r for 20-30 miles on the freeway and then exit my temp goes to yellow or red and I have a bypass switch on my fan so I can turn it on and it still is getting hot I've purged the air out and still getting hot. Does anyone have any ideas
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You probably didn't get all the air out. If you drained the system and refilled it, you probably have some air stuck in there somewhere...I'll leave the rest of the conversation to more experienced people, but that would be my guess.
Water pump working? Temp sensor working? How old is the coolant?
Water pump working? Temp sensor working? How old is the coolant?

When is the last time you did a coolant system flush and filled it with fresh stuff?
I just bought the bike and was told he changed it a month ago I'm planning on changing to engine ice but wanted to get the overheating fixed before doing it
I ran it without the radiator cap and i could see the coolant was flowing
The temp sensor I need to look at more but it kicks the fan on
Regardless of what any seller tells me, I always flush/replace every fluid on the bike. I'd suggest you flush that coolant system thoroughly and replace with regular coolant. Also, engine ice is pretty damned expensive and really won't yield the type of results I think you're aiming for. Trust me, I've been down this road before.
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My thought of engine ice is cause I live in phoenix az where summer time temps are 115+
Cool, I live in Houston. It's hot everywhere dude. Either way, I'd flush that entire system thoroughly.
Ok I'll start with flushing the system
I called a local shop here and there tech told me to buy a radiator cap that if it's over a longer time it probably doesn't have pressure
cap and flush the coolant properly. should fix it
I flushed the system last night and put a new radiator cap on and it's still seems to be running warm has anyone added a temp gauge that reads the temp not just blocks on a 99
It's no boiling out the overflow bottle anymore
Maybe your thermostat isn't opening up, I had this problem on my old 05. Pulled the thermostat out and tested it and sure enough it wasn't opening up.
I was wondering about that I think I'm gonna pull it out test it, test the temp sender and pull the waterpump to check it
The water pump is fine. The water pump and oil pump operate on the same shaft, so if the water pump wasn't workin the oil pump wouldn't be either.
Do they wear out like cars waterpump with the impeller getting pitted
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