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One spark plug hole smaller then the other 3??

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Not sure if there is a name but the chamber where the spark plug's go into the head. One of the port's is too tight for the spark plug socket. I was able to use another but does this mean anything??
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This might sound stupid, but is your wrench hitting the inside of the frame because of a bad angle? What year model bike do you have?
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I just did my spark plugs last week on my 07. I found that a universal joint socket will be your best friend with the 2 outside plugs because the extention used, or socket wrench itself, hit the frame.
But what does it mean!?!?!?!?

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Thanks for the input and the sarcasm! haha. I put the spark plug socket in just to test (no ratchet or room problems) and it wouldn't fit. I eventually used a regular socket and a magnet to get it out because of the lack of space.. just wanted to make sure nothing was warped since it was only the one cylinder
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