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Ol' Sledhead with a sportbike

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Just fishin' here for answers on the kids zzr600...so far I am grateful as 'ell .....this is a great site.
I'm a Yamaha 4 st. sled guy and love that torque!
I bet some a you are sledheads too and know that we have some good sites too.
Glad I found this place!
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Welcome. I've never had the opportunity to ride a snowmobile.... generally haven't lived where there was deep enough snow, long enough. Upstate NY, before I was 8 doesn't count....
Give it a try if you have the chance....acceleration with the right sled is as nearly as fast as a sport bike and most of the trails we ride would be a sport bikers dream if paved....LOL
Welcome! I've always been a Yamaha guy when it comes to sleds. Never been a 4T guy though haha Any questions on the bike feel free to ask.
Welcome to the forums :)
Hello and welcome!
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