This is the genuine Kawasaki Engine guard kit that came out recently for the 2019, but it will fit all the way back to the 2009 since the engine covers have not changed since then. It is engineered well, and uses brackets that mount to existing engine cover mounting points, as well as a slider to absorb impacts, and save your engine from damage in a slide, among other parts.
Fortunately, I have not tested them. 😁 The kit is basically brand new, and I have repacked every single piece back in its original packaging, along with full, easy to follow installation instructions.
The ONLY downside is the left side slider has rub marks from trailer rails during transport. You can replace every single part individually in this kit if need be, and can always replace the slider, and have one as a backup and you’d still be well under the retail price of $223 for this kit.
All hardware is meticulously packed, and in like new condition.
$100 shipped in the US.