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OEM Headers to Full System Conversion 07 ZX-6R | Need Help + Learn How to Yourself!

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Alright, so the tutorial above will be a work in progress. so far I've taken the headers off the bike, and swung by a local automotive shop I'm a regular customer at to see if they could do some welding for me / the costs involved. The auto body shop only has a MIG welder, and the gentleman who would be doing the welding for me said that he is unable to weld aluminum or stainless steel with the equipment he has at the shop. So...

First Question for The Forum:

What metal are the headers made out of?

I'm really hoping they're made out of plain old steel (he can't weld stainless) so the shop can help me out! Really would like to cut the headers open this evening, and need to call the shop back with a confirmation of what type of metal I'd need welding done on. So a prompt answer to this question would be much appreciated!
Either stainless or titanium... those are the only options used on modern sport bikes headers.
Don't get too excited.... stainless is magnetic too
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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