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I have posted before about my 2007 running hot, not overheating but just running hotter than my previous bikes.

A few of you were experiencing the same issue while others were not. This lead me to do some research on the issue using my bike as the test subject and I now believe I have found the cause.

I started by doing all the checks as per the service manual only to discover the fan, thermostat and switch were all good.

The issue appears to be the cooling system needs to be bleed as it has air trapped in the system. I am not sure if it was the factory or dealer who filled the coolant but their was air in my system.

With motorcycles as opposed to cars air can get trapped in the system and not find it's way out without user intervention.

Prior to bleeding the system I would see temps while stopped in the 220-224 deg area now the bike does not exceed 219.

This is just what I found with my bike your issue may be very different.
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