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Yesterday I did my first-ever skydiving jump, partially because I'm deathly afraid of heights and it's something that I want to confront but mainly to raise money and awareness for a great charity that benefits our veterans.

We jumped at 14000 ft followed by roughly 60 seconds of free-fall and about four and a half minutes under canopy.

I have an extreme fear of heights but I was shocked at how little fear I felt. There was just a moment when we left the plane that was scary but other than that The Wonder of being so high up and having such a clear view of everything was truly breathtaking. Something I encourage everyone to do in their life at least once.

The charity is House of Heroes (hohct.org) and run by skydiveforveterans.org

Huge thanks to the awesome instructors from Connecticut Parachuting (skydivect.com)
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