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non road legal exhaust in the UK?

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Hi all!

Anyone in the UK with a non-legal exhaust/silencer mounted on a road bike have (negative) experiences with the police?

I want to mount this Delkevic silencer

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to be honest mate most riders in the uk run illegal cans ,i have never had any issues but there is always that ass hole copper around ,just fit what they gonna do to you,,, you aint going to get put in the cells for it for it ,you also can fit a baffle inside if you need to for mot
Hello and welcome!
ar poop that one there is a scorpion lookalike but I got ripped off and paid 2.5x more for my rp1-gp.
wish I had known about this one earlier.
baffle stays mostly out, is put in when doing long rides to tracks along motorway and when required to be in for the db restricted track days.
I got that pipe and a whole lot more mods and never had any police encounters at all.
Includes riding through London city, S/E U.K., northwards to the tracks and also around France.
Thanks for the feedback and welcome :)

Am reluctant to pay 500gbp for an exhaust with a 'road legal' stamp on it.
160 sounds much better :)

Thanks again and ride safe all !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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