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Hey guys! Fresh meat here. Ive been on cruisers for years, and just bought my first street bike, an 05 ZX6R so I can ride with DH when he brings out his CBR. :banana

Got dogbones for the rear, put it at 2" drop in the back and 3/4" in the front. I do wear boots with a decent heel, and we're going to shave the seat. I know everyone bitches when ppl lower these bikes, but Im 5'3" and 100 lbs soaking wet. We need to pull off the kickstand and get that lowered too.

Anyways, Hi and happy to be here!
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Welcome to the forum, I'm on my second 05, they are great bikes, post some pics of yours
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I still think the 05-06's are among the best looking Ninjas ever made!
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Thanks! I do love the looks of it. Looking forward to riding it. DH is still fine tuning it. Here she is. Not the best pic, but once she's done Ill get a better one.


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Ooooh, I love the silver! Personally I'd ditch the rim strips myself, but that just never been my thing. One thing I did always dislike about the 05-06 was the cheap looking flat black plastics on the lowers and the fender. Wonder how they would look with a deeper finish like the satin black on the new 636's?
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I want to pull those off, and Im thinking about doing a repaint on it. I havent decided. Coming from my Harley that Ive changed a bunch of stuff on, its hard to leave this one alone.
Even just matching the silver (especially on the front fender) would look far better IMO. A deeper satin flat black or even gloss black might look good too. Don't get me wrong, the bike is fine as she is but I just have personally always hated those particular flat black pieces on one of my otherwise favorite all time Ninjas...
Welcome and nice bike! :bigthumb:

This forum are huge fans of the 05/06 model bikes...you will do just fine here :devious
Welcome! Nice looking bike!
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