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Whats going everybody!?! Names Connor and last summer I bought a 2001 Ninja zx6r. My baby is a little banged up. The previous owner didn't take very good care of her but I'm healing those wounds. Pretty sure it was a stunt bike, but no real confirmation. Anyways, I'm always looking for good ideas on how to spruce her up and make her look presentable. She still hauls ass but certainly needs some TLC. I replaced the front tire and rim, changed the oil and filter, new air filter, added a new headlight (that actually burnt out on me and melted the plastic around the housing), and put some frame sliders on. The wires looked like an absolute nightmare, but my buddy did a great job getting everything taped up and fixed. So now its just a matter of getting a new headlight. I'm pretty sure I'll go with a Dominator Matte Black Dual 4" Headlight set up to give it a mean streetfighter look. The bike has a full Muzzy exhaust system on it which sounds great but the can has a huge dent in it from supposedly being hit by a plow? I'm trying to get a friend of mine to take the can off, cut it at the dent and put it back on. My future upgrades this summer will include a new sprocket and chain set for a 520 conversion at -1/+1, brake fluid flush and fill, and some cosmetic changes. Its got about 24,xxx miles on it but the old odo broke and my new one reads 54,xxx which will be a pain in the ass trying to sell. I figure I won't put to much work into it, but enough that it rides nice for the summer. Tell me what you think....... and be nice haha. You'll see some pics with the old black face plate on it. Thats right when I got the bike.

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Welcome to the forums, this is the best place for information and smart (cough *ass) people. Glad you added pictures for your intro post, that will go a long ways.
Thanks! Any suggestions on what improvements I can make to my bike for handling and speed that don't cost an arm and a leg?
Thanks! Any suggestions on what improvements I can make to my bike for handling and speed that don't cost an arm and a leg?
Hi! Welcome! Thanks for the pics! (Saved me some typing)

*** sorry if the below sounds preachy or douchie... I am what I am. gear nazi warning!!! If I am preaching to the choir then skip down to the part where I said ride safe. ***

By far the best upgrades you can make to your bike are made not directly to the bike, but to the pilot.

Msf brc is a bare minimum
I would also recommend reading and watching twist of the wrist. Imnsho they should be provided with receipt of any sport bike sold. For convince they are linked below.


A track school is a truly eye opening experience. Even if you don't ever intend to ride on a track again, having the confidence to KNOW what you and your bike are capable of can save your life.

This should be above ANYTHING else.

High quality helmet
High quality back protection
High quality jacket/pants or power ranger suit
High quality gloves (with Palm sliders)
High quality boots
Buy the absolute best you can afford, and wear it every time. Yes wear it when you go to check the mail or buy smokes from the corner store. Atgatmft! Personally I have been found at my desk at work on a windows box in full gear, because windows crashes a lot...

If you are still not convinced google "degloved foot motorcycle accident" then make your decision.

Some terms you may come across in your search:

Helmets (dot/snell) these are standards by which helmets are measured. IMHO dot should not be considered, snell has two (iirc only counting mc) currently used and a few deprecated standards. More information here Snell Foundation - helmet standards

Armor: CE is the magic phrase. There are different standards and they are measured differently for joints and spine. Joints have (iirc) only approved or not approved. Spine has two levels. Level 1 transmits (iirc) <18 kn of force when a 1 kg weight is dropped on it from 1 meter, level 2 transmits <9 kn of force. There is strong evidence to support <4 kn of force to be the most safe/least risk of injury. A few spine protectors are rated in that range. They are vocal about their rating.

Abrasion resistance:
Leather(airostitch exception?) > textile > nothing
If separate jacket and pants, make sure they at least zip together preferably all the way around.

Sorry if I sound like an ass. The ignore button is located to the left of this post. It will not effect my panties if you press it.

Ride safe man!

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Hello and welcome!
Welcome! And watch that Twist of the Wrist vid!

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