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New to the ZX6R and Community

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Hello fellow riders, my name is James. I just purchased a 2012 ZX6R! This is my second bike. The first one was a 2011 Ninja 650R. It feels great to have moved into the super-sport class.

I served in the US ARMY as an infantryman from 2006-2010, saw combat in Afghanistan. I've been pursuing secondary education since my Honorable Discharge. I'm a licensed private pilot with an instrument rating, currently pursuing a commercial rating. I should be graduating from a four-year aviation degree program in 2017. I just found out I'm having my second child come November, so pretty stoked about that too!

I've been checking out the forum for a bit, and decided it was time to become a member. I'm happy to be here and look forward to learning and contributing where I can. Have fun, stay safe, and maybe I'll see you out there!
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Welcome brother. I hear Vermont has some great riding. Where in Vermont are you at?
Thanks bro, I'm in the Burlington area. Northern VT.
Welcome to the forums! :)
Hello and welcome! Congrats on the new bike!
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service!
Welcome man! Post up some pics of your new bike.
Welcome to the forum :)

I too went from a '07 650R to a 2014 zx6R. Love the 650 but love the 6R more:devious
Welcome and thanks for serving.

Let's see some pics
Welcome to the forums and a big thank you for your service in the Army, James!
Welcome and thank you for your service. Lots of great info on here.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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