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New to forum.

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Guess it's time to introduce myself. My name is Ronnie and I am new to the forum and I reside in tucson az. I ride a 2008 zx6r (vivid yellow)some lady backed into it at dmv (as if place wasn't bad enough you have to worry about people backing into u) thankfully wasn't on it but needless to say now is partially black as well. I've owned my zx for about 3 years now so I figure it's long overdue to join !


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Thanks man same to u.
Hello and welcome!
Thank you strider
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I live in Tucson too. Maybe we can hit MT. Lemmon one of these days. :2fingerlol:
Welcome, I'm also in Tucson...seriously, Mt. Lemmon...been waiting for a group ride. I heard that ride up to Globe is fun too. There is a good amount of people on here that are in Tucson or near by. Maybe one of these Saturdays, we can do something.
Thx gentleman . And for sure , getting some new tires in few weeks so have to set a ride up sometime !
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