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I'm getting ready for my first trackday this season and just installed new rearsets, rear reservoir kit, and front Galfer SS braided brake lines.

From my research in trying to find rearsets for the 03/04 ZX-6r, I have found it to be very difficult to find a set and have seen people having the same issue, which is why I wanted to post this.

The rearsets I found were on eBay and are Dragon Racing brand. They only cost $160. The parts came nicely packaged, but you had to assemble everything and there were no instructions. It wasn't that hard to do. An unforseen issue was the rear brake reservoir. The kit positioned the rear master in a way that the stock reservoir system wouldn't fit.

I went online and found a reservoir delete kit from AGG Racing just down the road in Tomball, TX. It was only $19. One other issue was the rearsets on the shifter side positioned my foot to where it would hit the kickstand. This is a track bike only, so I went a head and removed the kickstand. I wear a size 14 shoe, so that could have been the issue as well.

Other than that, the rearsets installed fine. I took it for a test drive around the neighborhood to make sure everything worked fine and didn't see any issues. I will get some track time this Saturday and will see how they hold up. I've attached some pics below, enjoy...


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