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Hey what's up lady's and gents my name is HeavyRider. I'm New to the forum I figured it would be best to introduce myself and explain why in here. I recently bought my first super sport coming from a 250r and you guessed it I got a ZX-6R. It's a 2007 and she's all Black. Aside from my recent purchase as I stated I'm new to super sports so I'll need some information and who better than the wonderful members of ZX6R.com . I also started a YouTube channel where I will be documenting my journey as a new sport bike owner. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

HeavyRider 100!!
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Hello and welcome!
Nice. Welcome. Post some pictures and a link your youtube channel.
Welcome and post pics when you can, would love to see it.
Hellooo there mate. And welcome to the best place on earth :)
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