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Hi everyone! I go by the name Nolli. I'm a 33-year-old Graphic Designer from the Treasure Coast of Florida that just got my 2nd Ninja this year. I've wanted a 636 since 2005, but I was so into cars that I never saved the money for a bike. in 2013 I bought my first motorcycle, a 2013 Kawasaki 300 EX. I loved my bike; it survived my best friend flying off into a canal with it, a couple of hurricanes, and upgrades that I did to it, myself. I stayed on the 300 for seven years, but now in 2020, I felt like it was time to move on up.

When I got the 636, I was hesitant to ride it. Not gonna lie, it kinda scared me. On the 300, I was more than comfortable, but the 636 felt like a beast just sitting on it. I had the dealer power it down to low/3. When I took off on my first ride from the dealership to home, I understood the term crotch rocket for the first time. Though I had a bit of fear in me, I couldn't help but to smile the entire ride. Wow - what a difference between the 300 and the 636, and even now, about a month since I rode out with it, I can't believe I'm on low power mode.

I'm so glad I got this bike. I love my rides so much more now.

I've already referenced this forum a few times before I made my purchase and afterwards. I decided I'd join and give back to this community with whatever I could in return for the valuable community that is open and accessible here.

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