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I just wanted to say hi and thank you for allowing me to join your forum, I have had many ZX's over the years. I started with a ZX6R G1 about 12 years ago, then moved up to a ZX9 B4. I loved them so much I decided to go for the ZX9 C2, after that I had the E1. This was all over a few years and thought I would like to try the ZX12 so I brought the B1H if I remember right, but my wife at the time got fed up with me changing and spending to much money as they do :roll: she made thing so awkward I decided to sell it :rant that was a big mistake as we split up about a year after, it didn't take long to get over that and now glad to be single because and it was the best thing that happened so decided :idea: I'll get back to biking and brought a 2014 ZX636 and it was a much better ride :) and loved every mile I've done
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