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Hey everyone, my name is Jake. I'm 17, a junior in high school and onto my 3rd bike so far. I picked up my permit a few months ago in October and have been on two wheels as much as I can since. My first bike was a 1977 Suzuki GS750 I picked up for $250 cleaned the carbs and put a few hundred bucks in. Great first bike, but was too slow for me after a little bit. So I sold it and a parts bike I had for $1500 and only had about $800 invested. So with that profit and some other cash from work I went and bought me a 1990 Honda VFR750F for $1700. Rode it for a while and got some more experience then wanted something quicker. The starter clutch started going out as well and I didn't want to fork up the $250 and the time to fix that. In the meantime I had flipped some dirt bikes and made about $2000. Since I had some cash burning a hole in my pocket I started surfing on Craigslist and found an 03 ZX6R with 18k on it for $2300. It was going to sell quick so I called the guy and said I would be there at 10am sharp the next morning. He needed cash bad so I got it for $1900 and hauled it home. Rode it and fell in love at how nimble and quick it was. So I ended up selling my VFR for $1500 (With the problems made known of course) and put some cash into my new ZX6R. It needed some TLC, but what used bike doesn't? Waxed everything up and cleaned about a 1/4 inch of chain grease off the whole rear of the bike. Changed oil and filter, and topped off all my fluids. She has a K&N with a Muzzy titanium slip-on, I just installed a D.I.D gold o-ring chain with new JT sprockets. -1 in the front stock in the rear, have a PC3 on the way as well. Also picked up some little bling and nicknacks too. I'll be sure to get some photos up tomorrow after school.
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welcome to the Family. by the way you a good deal on your bike.
Welcome! Be careful with your progression to a "quicker" bike. It can sneak up on you especially if you aren't overly experienced. If you have the right mentality then you'll be just fine and it sounds like you got a great deal on it, but I'd be careful until you get a much better grasp on what you as a rider can do, and try to worry less about what the bike can do.
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Welcome, you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders.

Now's the time to invest some money in Yourself. Buy and wear good quality protective gear. Get some good motorcycle riding books and do some reading. there are plenty of good threads on this site, just do a search.

I highly recommend the California Superbike School. Motorcycle Riding School - California Superbike School

Take riding seriously, once you do these things and know the rules of the game, it becomes even more fun.

Stay safe, be serious.
Welcome... where in California?
Hello and welcome!
Welcome... where in California?

Welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledge here. (Some of it from old guys:eh:, and even some gals :butbut:)
Welcome kiddo!
Post up some pics and respect the bike...those things are FAST
I'm from Yuba City, I already have riding shoes, jacket with pads, gloves, and a helmet. My uncle gave me a book on riding and racing techniques.
Here's the bike, my exhaust isn't mounted because it's getting some polish at the moment.


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Very cool. I love those Black Pearl B models.

Welcome to the forum!
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