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new here, just picked up my first kawi

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Just picked up my first kawasaki, a 2011 zx6r. Been riding an SV650 for the last 10 years and couldn't pass up a deal on the 6. It will be a dedicated track bike and I'm just starting to strip it down. Already learned a lot about it lurking here for a couple days.
Hope to see some of you out at some track days around the midwest
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Howdy! Welcome!

got some pics?

we like pics!
Congrats man. Weather is nice right now, ride her while it lasts....and yes, please post pics:devious
Nothing too exciting going on with it just yet, but I'm only getting started.
When it came home

Most the body work pulled

As she sits now. Wheels sent to the powder coater and just getting parts together. Spending time cleaning and getting familiar with it. Need to clean up and sell off the stuff I don't need and get some track body work mounted up. Can't wait to get her out on track!
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