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New AZ guy bought 07 zx6r. low oil?

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Hey everyone. I wanted to introduce myself here and meet some new members. I just picked up an 07 zx6r with 47k miles. it was a nice bike and i feel I got a decent deal on it. So I since I got it I noticed a noticeable click While the engine was at lower rpm cruising. my initial thought was the cct or it needed the valves adjusted. Today I was going over the bike as it was my day off and I noticed I couldn't see any oil in the sight glass. No matter how much I tipped it towards me. So I went to my local autozone and picked up a quart of 10w40. And threw it in while I was there.. filled it. Let it sit a minute. Nothing in the sight. Went in aND bought a second quart. I didn't think it should need much more but I added the whole thing before I even saw the oil. I added 2 full quarts of oil. I drove her home and noticed most of the clicking went away. I also noticed the bike was much smoother. so my question. How fucked am I? :(

Edit. Also how could it be so short? It doesn't seem to be leaking. could the previous owner just not have filled it? Or...
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No idea about anything on the mechanical side from me lol

But welcome to the forum! I'm sure someone will chime in soon. Check out our Facebook page when you get a chance we don't get many people from this part of town on Kawi's. Can't link to the page from work but if you search for "AZ Kawasaki Riders (Ninja, ZX, Supersport) you will see us!

Throw up some pics of the bike ASAP. This forum will eat you alive if you don't...
My suggestion, try going home, drain all the oil and refilled it yourself. It's also good practice to change all the fluids when you get a motorcycle used since you have no idea when the previous owner did the last oils change. Just my 0.02
I am guessing your running on a low oil when purchase the bike did u do the oil change? U might want to check it u dont want to fuck up your clutch and dis u also asked the previous owner when was the last time he did the oil change
Picture time! Hopefully this works..

It seems that the pics are not working from dropbox, at least on my side can anyone confirm, im also posting the links just by themselves so you can see them if the integrated ones arnt working.

In response, I only bought the bike 2 days ago. So it was the previous owner who either didnt fill it all the way or something. I would love to do the oil change right now but im very strapped on cash until i start my new job. So that it the first thing im going to do when i get paid. The oil i added today was just to hold me over until i can afford good oil and filters.

Links to pics:

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For the mean time I recommend not to ride your bike until you do the oil change specially your running a low oil
Change the oil and filter like the others have mentioned. Really inspect the old oil for metal shavings as well. FYI, the first thing I look at when buying a used bike is the sight glass. That little look see could have helped you knock the price down a little. Hopefully the PO didn't run it long like that, but I'm assuming he did.
Welcome to the forum. I would agree and hold off on RODING if you could until you resolve the issue.

Im in AZ right now for spring training with my dad...jealous of all of you who get to be riding. The bike scene here is awesome! Happen to be staying across the street from a ride now demo weekend? Of some type. Pretty excited don't have much time and my dad doesn't ride but did test a gsxr and can am
Full bike inspection !!

If he was that lax on oil/filter maintenance and even keeping any in the bike, you know tire pressures, chain lube and adjustment, cables etc will all have been neglected too.... Probably hasn't had valve adjustment service recently either- air filter may be plugged with bugs etc...

I hope you got the bike really cheaply.
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Help me please. Okay so heres the deal. I obviously have not had the time to change the oil. But today since most of the noise was still there I decided to do the cct fix to see if that was a source of noise. Which it was. I made sure and triple checked my work and only released it one notch. Or click. Cleaned the air filter which was filthy and started her up and the ticked was mostly gone. No weird noises. No whirring like it was too tight. Actually still sounded a bit loose and i was happy about that. So I went to go get some dinner with some friends and while getting back into the highway I did a nice 2nd gear pull. (Second time I've really opened her up) and after I was cruising I heard a very loud non consistent tapping. almost like a valve. At 6 to 8k the tapping is inconsistent especially if I'm cruising. If I apply throttle it gets more consistent. And it starts right around 4K rpm. Also my oil light flashes when It drops to idle. Sometimes it stays lit for a few seconds. Sometimes it only flashes once. I'm very worried and unfortunately this is my only way to get around at the moment. (On a side note I only paid 2800 for it. Lots of aftermarket goodies and what not.) any help on this would me much appreciated. Oh and as far as taking it to a shop. I literally don't have the fund to do this for about 3 weeks. As I'm moving into a new place and I start my job on the 5th...
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Like most everyone else on here I would tell you not to ride it until it's sorted out but....since its your only transportation why not give her hell in 2nd gear on the highway...good luck. Let me know when your parting it out.
Hey man. I don't want to be that guy. I had a very good experience with my first bike that put up with a lot of the bs I threw at it. I wasn't expecting it to be like this. I'm asking for help. Not for someone to come on here and tell me I was wrong. Your right. I shouldnot have "gave her hell". Thanks for pointing out what I already knew. However if you have some positive input that would be great.
You have some fun, you break things. I usually fix them when it happens. And that's what I'm looking at doing right now. I just need some advice. I'm brand new to kawasaki. Other then the kfx400 I had a long while back When I was young and had my dad's help to sort things out. Now is a different story.
Well I would first drain the oil and check for shaving in it since it was ran low on oil. The inconsistent knock would really worry me. I believe it could be valves out of adjustment or even worse but you won't know till it's opened up
So I'm thinking best case is a valve adjustment. Worse case a rod bearing went.
Question though. Could the valves just go out of adjustment that quick? After just one pull? It was running better then when I got it with the oil I put in and the cct fix.
Right now all i can give u is do basic tune up and try not to ride your bike untill you resolve the poblem it might give more problem or worst u might ended up buying a new engine if u keep riding ur bike just do the basic oil change change the oil and air filter.
What happens if it's a rod bearing. How will I know? What happens if there's metal shavings in my oil? How much is too much? So many questions...
Step one, drain your oil and look closely at your oil for shaving. Do that, and then return to the forums with your results please. We will help, just listen to us. Rushing it will not help.
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