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Neons on my wheels.

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I've seen it done where people will put neon lights on their wheels and it looks amazing but I have no idea how to do that. Is it a certain kit or is it just a strand of lights that they just wrap around the wheel? Any info or "how to's" would be greatly appreciated.
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I think you are confusing the neon lights with reflective rim tape.

Are you talking about this?

Not exactly, I looked up "motorcycle neon lights" and its a black bike with green neon on the wheels
But I can see how it would be confused with each other.
9th picture down (on my comp.)
That's out of my realm of knowledge. In the comments I think the guy said he sells them. Just glanced over though, could be wrong.
Just an FYI, LED lights are illegal in most, if not all, states with few exceptions. Some states will allow lights if they are white or yellow. Blue, red, and green are banned in those states that do allow white/yellow due to those being deemd "emergency" colors.

That's why rim tape is safe...they are not LED lights :devious
Georgia state law indicates we can't have any "flashing" blue or red lights.
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Thank ya'll for the help though, I'll look into that SCMil.
Those glowing leds look cool but wouldn't fly here.
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