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Need Frame sliders and spools for 2007 ZX6R

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Hey all,

I need to get some frame sliders and spools for my 2007 ZX6R. I tried a bundle off amazon once but it didn't come with all parts. :(

What's the best place (website, store, etc) to get frame sliders and spools for my bike or what's the best brand of them?

Any help would be greatful. Hoping its <$70 and comes with instructions if possible.

Thank you.
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Revzilla works great for me.
Helped a friend install these a couple weeks ago on his 08. Cannot remember if it came with instructions but it is a very straight forward install.

Shogun Frame Sliders Kawasaki ZX6R 2007-2008 - RevZilla
Thank you all for the responses.
I have OES sliders on my bike and have no issues with them. haven't tested them, but seems good and great quality for no cuts. Woodcraft makes some great ones as well, but they require cutting if I remember right.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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