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My name is Nick I'm from the knuckle of the thumb in Michigan. Completely new to sport bikes and street bikes in general. Loving it so far! I bought a 2002 6 this past weekend for a song, it needs some cosmetic work but rides and runs awesome. Looking forward to gaining a bunch of knowledge from the all knowing brains on here!
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welcome. you'll love it and you will lean a lot by just reading on this here forum. my name is also nick lol
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Welcome to the forums!
Have you taken an MSF? Plans to?
Hello and welcome!
Welcome to the forum, Nick! You should join some of us for our rides now and then. We have one coming up on the 19th of April meeting at Henry Ford Community College - hope to see you there :bigthumb:
No MSF yet but I really should take one.

What time on the 19th?!?!?!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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