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N/W Louisiana

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I'm in Shreveport, just got a 03 zx6r a couple of weeks ago after about 5 years without a bike. This is too big of a city to not have a good group of people to ride with. hopefully by the time the sketchy weather starts to clear up around here we'll have a few replies to this thread, and a ride or two planned.
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I'm in bossier and ride quite a bit when I'm with buddies
I see small groups from time to time up here in Shreveport. I still haven't found more than a couple roads that have some good turns.

There are some people that ride down on Clyde Fant on Friday and Saturday nights sometimes. Throwing it out there
I'm also in Shreveport. If you ever saw the giant dude on a tiny little WR250X? that was me before I sold it lol.
Anyhow I'm too old and broke for big ticket speeds and general mayhem, but if anyone wants to be reasonable on some curvy roads or just have fun I'm always game. Might even know a few roads you've missed (not that there are many).
Yeah that's really why I don't like clyde fant meetups. 98% of everyone down there just act crazy and ride/drive like they have something to prove. :coocoo

I enjoy giving it some throttle but nothing crazy on the street. Once the bike i up and running I'm more than down to go out and ride with some folk
If youre lookin for good roads:

North lake shore would be good if the limit were 15mph higher but its a snooze even at 10 over and cops go there.

169 south has a few decent stretches but a lot of boredom in between.

170 up near vivian is the best road ive found, even at the speed limit. In fact I cant hold the speed limit on it in the dark. I dont know it well enough and its gnarly. Mix of elevation changes and curves. Side roads and driveways paired with blind corners are a bit scary though.

Blanchard latex out to 9 then down to waskom is a nice lazy scenic route if your bike is comfortable enough to enjoy the scenery. I enjoy the ride out but coming back im ready to park it.

I hear 157 is good but havent tried it.
Me you taylor and james should hit one of them up sometime. Hell you guys could come this weekend possibly haha
Saturday is supposed to be 55 degrees, warm nuff with gear.
Yall pm me I work out of town I come back March 23-30th. I like to just cruise 15mph max speeding most the time lol. But I'm down for a cruise and whatever when yall want.
Shoot I would if I could lol. I've had so much other things coming up with life I haven't had time to finish the bike. Hopefully other people will be happy to meet up man.
Gettin nice and warm you guys, ought to do something before it gets surface of the sun hot like it always does.
hello are you guys close to fort polk?
i am moving there with my Family by July just trying to meet a new fellow riders aroud the area.
Fort Polk is around an hour drive from Shreveport, +/- 30 mins. I'm sure there are a bunch of army guys around there who enjoy riding, unless you want to ride an hour just to ride with someone ha.

I finally got the bike back together a couple days ago and is riding pretty well. I'm not in state atm but when I get back in Shreveport I'm down if anyone wants to ride.
thanks for the info buddy hopefully there's a bunch fellow riders around the area.
btw how's the weather there in Louisiana?
Anyone trying to ride this weekend?
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