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My ZX6R 2007

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Just a few photos of my bike.

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Nice look bike mate!
Looks good! The carbon fiber adds a nice touch. I bet the red bike could eat some gsxrs too
Nice bike mate, I'm looking to get a cf chain gaurd like yours
Love that year and green don't look bad either! Just look at my avitar!! Speaking of that I can't stop looking at yours :)
thanks for comments guys, yeah the avatar is a bit hypnotic Ha.
Where did you get your carbon mud guard and chain guard from mate? Looking to get some for my 07, but keep reading conflicting reviews online! Yours look really good quality, did they fit well?
That red bike looks awesome.

Ok ok, the green one is sexy too, i love the carbon parts.
That red is a good color for your bike. Haha! That full green really pops. Great looking Z.
Where did you get the rear tire hugger? Looks great btw.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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