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Service/Fixing/Rides/Whoring/DIY etc pic heavy

So,i'm always (ok not always,but most of the time) taking pics of what i'm doing with the bike and i always wanted to start a "story of my bike" thread.So, since today i drove over some pothole and hurt my back...so i won't be going out celebrating last Greek halloween type of holiday...i could get started on this.


Story of this bike as i know it, friend of mines' had it for most km it has on it's odo, he used it for everyday transport, i know he doesn't ever rev his bikes high, maybe not even to shift light.It had some very good falls, in track days and a very nasty road accident that bent the frame, which he had replaced.
Also good thing here is that this guy doesn't know anything about ebay/china and stuff so everything he had replaced was all oem from the dealership.

He sold this bike to another friend of mines to use as his first bike.Well, this guy is way too short and can't keep the bike on it's wheels when he stopped.
We got him lowering links,lowered the front, shaved the seat,(he also cut the kickstand with a saw) but...no...

So,it's been a year after my accident, which cost me 3 months in wheelchair and 3 more until i could walk again with both legs.
I was short of money and looking for my next bike.I loved the taillight of the 03-04 but i told my friend that i would take this if he offered it in a low price.
Remember all the falls it had and the many km on odo.
I told him that i am not into speeding and stuff so i'm not interested on the full yoshi exhaust he had or the PC, so he put the stock exhaust back on and sold the yoshi, didn't find anyone to buy the PC though...

And i start,
neutral sensor bad, you had to tilt the bike to the right so that the neutral light would come on and you could start the bike.

Also the clutch switch didn't work, i got it cleaned and both work fine :)

No rear turn signals, i bought some leds and resistors and thought about some pattern, i'm not into drilling oem stuff, but tail fairing was already broken...so... testing

thought that the stock bar-ends were too big and also scratched badly,

so i bought some very cheap ones

drilled and...

Connected my Selca alarm, whitch i took off my totaled Z750

I think i did some oil change at this time,some friend brought me oil from a suzuki dealership.Well, no big difference noticed when running the bike...

Also, along with the bike, i got a huge box with broken/scraped fairings, footpegs,mirrors and various stuff.I found in there a valtermoto licence plate braket, so i relocated the licence plate to under the exhaust, while previously it was mounted at the two screws between the passenger pegs, without any bracket.Illegal, but the first owner i talked about is a cop...so...
And i also found a shinny lower pair of fairings that wasn't broken, so i switched them.

Bought a used kickstand and installed, also i thing the horn didn't work, so had it cleaned and did a little under fairing washing up.

Some stickers...Front fender sticker is from a very nice guy i know, that owns a shop about bike brakes.The side fairing monster ones were a gift from a friend, so i just put them there until they wear off.And the lower fairing monster are from a friend of friend that is a very well known dj and sponsored by monster.They gave him a ton of stickers which he passed around.

I think that the frame slider was missing so i could sand it a bit and don't look so beaten up.

Made my own mirror block off plates out of plexiglass.Until i could catch up and be able to buy some mirrors.

Didn't know much about spraying metals, some black paint there...

DIY servo eliminator v1

Little box is the alarms' tilt module

Yei!!!No red light!!!(i thought...v1 remember...)

Got the seat repaired,previously my friend had shaved almost all of it...
If i would stand still, there were edges killing my legs on the inside and if i wanted to go to twisties...it wouldn't slide :dowhat i had to get up to move my butt across the seat.
So,previous seat vd stock from ebay.I think some guy with a green zx6r from US sold it, maybe he is on this forum!


VS right is the stock i bought

Stock, nice and shinny!!

The WC crew stuff is something we had as a group of friend riders.
There's a story about it, but anyway, i like funny stuff so i kept it.I also used to have one on my helmet.



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I remembered that before riding i also switched the front brake fluid reservoir for a short one that was supposed to go to the back brake...but i put that front.
Stock was all white full of cracks from the sun.

The rear was just as bad, so a had this square reservoir for free from a friend.I think it's from a gixxer.

July 2011

You can notice the led turn signals, they were a huge fail...couldn't ever notice that they were flashing. :O

Friend bought these pegs for his z750 but didn't exactly fit,i went to see if i liked them...but no....

August 2011
far right was not in group

I had to replace this...it was hanging on the headers and smelling burnt rubber

Can't really remember what i did back then :O

Previous chain and sprockets...I don't know if you can see how beat up the front is...

Way better!!

HRC rear brake reservoir kit

Making a custom braket


I now remembered that a friend of mine spray painted the plastic heatshield/exhaust cover with some kind of bumper spray.That spray was fantastic, two years after and it's like new!!

Replacing right rearset bracket
old broken and repaired vs new

June 2011

This guy covering my face is one of my squid friends, this is how he rides to the beach,no matter how far it is.No protection other than helmet.
He has the Rizzla gixxer

To the gym

At some point i got mirrors!!!

Rear seat cowl!!I asked a seller off ebay to make it raw titanium and he did with no extra cost.Bad thing he made it too glossy, but...who cares,bike's not perfect.And noone notices.

Goodbye passenger pegs!!

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I have some errors in dates order but i put too many pics on previous post...nevermind...next:

August 2011

I'm not wearing a hat here...it's the light from the cafe behind me :p

November 2011
I look funny in this pic :laugh
I also got some clear alternatives front signals

Cold december morning
Changed that swingarm sticker(it covers a huge scratch)

And back from the ride

Some funny readings

Then this happened

some repairing
19022012107_zpse7669702.jpg Photo by ftougmt | Photobucket

February 2012

Screenshots from friends car keys camera

Having the bike serviced at a shop
This came out the fuel pump...and much much more was scattered around the bench while washing it...only thing missing from there were the dinosaurs...

To remember the oil change i take pic of the odo.This time i used bel ray engine oil, well no significant change to me...

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April 2012

I had a free tankpad from a friend sitting around, so i put it on.

Vibration....and the mount of my front brake fluid reservoir broke...

So i custom made another

Making an undertail for the hotbodies exhaust.
I used plexiglass....big NO... :coocoo

Shape out of cardboard

Heat wrapped and installed, also new swingarm sticker made by friend.

Custom bracket to hold undertail and licence plate visible,also ebay integrated taillight installed.Testing the undertail.

Tried this...didn't last long...




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How never cleaned wheels look like...I think i have my bearings changed at that time.

And after half an hour of rubbing half of it with brake cleaner...And still not clean :dowhat

Repaired friends plastic fairing, plexiglass and glue.

May 2012

I think that i repaired the nose fairing over here, glued it and sprayed it.
Not very good job on the sanding and shitty clear coat...

Issues with the undertail being too hot and bending.Opened a hole for air but no...

Another servo eliminator v2, plastic was from old flashlight.
I kept this one and gave the previous to a friend with same bike.Made the previous a v2 also.

Pair mod to cool down the exhaust/tail fairing and undertail.

And...that pc was still not sold, so my friend gave it to me for free(well i plan to give him some cash when i have some laying around...)
So it's back on the bike, tried JDguns' map and some others but i cannot make up my mind which to keep.I'm currently running some off the pc website from some gp slipon without db killer.I don't currently remember the name.
Also, i had some db killers made for the exhaust, they don't make i big difference though....

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Getting tired of the white Arai logos...got some red vinyl from a friend (for free yes!!)
And here we go...all is cut by hand, there are some imperfections but only visible from closeups.

Cut some vinyl strips on my own


Next big mess up...Well you can't do everything perfect first time!!
Also after midnight...if i can't get sleepy and the weather is nice :)
It seems this kind of vinyl i have is not for wrapping/heating/stretching and stuff....so...

Tried this but didn't like it, also the vinyl coming off, took some paint with it...damn!!!

So i put another piece on top and left it like that.If i take it all off i have to respray the fairing.

Side fairing small black bracket is a mount for the car keys camera.


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Flies!!!Flies everywhere!!!

October 2012

Vinyl stuff again

Didn't take the stock off, it's all over.

Well,some times...i have these ideas about silly stuff...and i just go ahead and
do stuff only because i can think of them and noone else will have them!

This is my key from now on :laugh


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WOW, thats an amazing bike and to put all that work into it is awesome. Makes it a part of you. Good job!

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Asked a friend to cut me some stickers,well...he over did it...

And they weren't same size with stock...so i installed them to look like 3D :devious
Some other friend asked me where i got these 3D-look stickers from :laugh

Bought my black visor

Oil change

Best oil i have used so far!!When bike is cold, everything is soooo smooth, no change in normal temps though :)

Bought some cheap wide angle lens to use with camera, but quality was...well...according to the 99cents i gave. :laugh


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WOW, thats an amazing bike and to put all that work into it is awesome. Makes it a part of you. Good job!
Thanks!!It's a very nice bike, at first i didn't like it that much,especially the undertail and the colour,but as time passes i love it more and more!!

More pics to come later!!

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When you have your tires changed, your wheels will have to get rebalanced,
well....fuck.... :dowhat

End of the world ride to the gym :p

Licence plate cut from vibration...

After wash



Piece of metal to hold the plate from now on

Then i had this funny situation :laugh

Repaired passenger pegs Since they had been used as frame sliders...

and sprayed same colour as frame

When i had this thing happen :coocoo

Swingarm, preparation

Sprayed (didn't take pics from every step)

Clear coat

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Noticed that one slider off the rear caliper was stuck and...this had happened

Spraying rearsets/rear MC and various bolts and stuff.

That nut...it looks so ugly...

Well i found a cap from some soap for clothes and stuff


Some day pics of rearsets etc sprayed (i know about the wheel vinyl, since that tire change,i always messed that up.)


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First Carbon Fiber Item!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

Since the plexiglass undertail didn't quite get along with high temps, i made a mold out of it in fiberglass and from there....

Looks good from the back side...

Damn!!!Stuck in the mold!!! Should have used the wax and not that PVA that my friend told me...

After some sanding and some resin, it looks like a real cf part again :)



Quite good for my first ever carbon fiber item!!I'm very happy!
Probably tommorow i'll install in on the bike!
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