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Mount for stock rear turn signals

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I got an 09 zx6r and the rear fender is outrages and needs to go. I got a plate holder and the motodynamic integrated taillight still in develepment so ive been searching for a bracket to mount the stock rear turn signals. Im sure someone makes them out there but i cant find it. Looking for some help from you guys and any ideas you have.
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Or can you use the stock turn signal mounts?
tst industries makes a signal kit that includes some l brackets. it only comes with their signals though. They are simple L brackets and should work with just about any plate bracket. Here is the link.


Other than that, you may be able to find what you need at the local hardware store to get you by..
I used the OEM bracket that holds the back side reflectors:

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Just take of the secondary part of the stem (held on by a screw) on the turn signals, and then you can mount them to just about any bracket.

Also, welcome to the forum!
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Yeah do not try and use it just by the rubber boot/small steel backer- I had one guy do that and without it trapped by the original fender both signals fell out of that and were dangling by the wires getting hammered by the tire until they finally broke the wires and flew away down the road in numerous pieces
If you have an integrated taillight, Why do you need turn signals???
Did I miss something here???
I currently don't have the integrated tail light I'm waiting for motodynamic to finish developing it. Hoping that will hit the market soon. In the mean time I need to eliminate that fender and I don't want to buy new turn signals because that's a pointless waste of cash since I'll be going integrated anyways.

But thank you guys and thanks STRIDER for the link and warm welcome.
I got it mounted up in all stocks no cutting or anything


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I see that came out nice I’m currently trying to do the same thing with my zx6r 2011 would you give me some advice , I have the link from Strider did you buy anything
A forum member gave me a Yoshimura L/P mount quite a number of years ago. The side brackets of the mount have cut outs that are the same size and shape as the mounts for the rear turn signals on the OEM L/P mount....just had to transfer the signals over, and use the boot/stopper setup that is built into the turn signal stalks. Kept the entire length of the OEM wiring, so that it could be returned to the OEM setup if anyone ever wanted to do that.
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