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MotoGP Fantasy League

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I know it's a little late, you've only got one more day. But I've started a ZX6R.com league on this site, so follow the link -> http://fantasymotogp.fanxt.com/invite.php?id=379147
Create your team
and then join the ZX6r.com league; hint it's named ZX6R.com
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Yup, you and another guy. Lets bump this thread back to the top and see if we can get a few more.
just joined, waiting for approval
Alright, you're in.
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So, anyone besides Preston and I down to put $20 on this?
I am open to any and all donations, since I have no doubt I'll be winning.
Usually I'm down to put some money towards a pot, but considering i'm going back to school, trying to finish the bike off and planning a trip home in the next few months...I can't right now ha. This is the first time i've done fantasy motogp so hopefully i pick it up quick.

Good luck to everyone
That just means you need to win, more money to spend on the bike.
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touche haha...Alright i'll throw $20 in. There's always next year if i don't get it haha. Probably get more people in on it as well
damn i made my team changes like an hour too late before the race on sunday totally screwed up my points! oh well. Oh and props to eviltwin for running train on the whole fantasy league haha :bigthumb::cheers:
I have no life, so I follow every bit of GP.
It's not my fault all of my riders qualify well so they don't get all of these BS extra points. Who cares if you started in 20th and climbed up to 12th. You should've qualified better so you didn't have to pass all those people to do mediocre. You don't deserve 50 points for what was a mediocre result :laugh
has anyone else been having issues with the site? i still havent seen any points on my bracket since sundays race.
Whoever runs the sight isn't very prompt. The scores have not been updated from last round yet.
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