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Played RIDE 2, physics are weird off the bumps and hard to power out of turns smoothly (almost need better computer mapping options in the garage)
Still love the wii motoGP. Its free these days if you know what you are doing.
But the controls never quite felt right as they tried to use motion controls (4 options)
It had classic match reenactments.
Chris Vermeulen, Phillip island in the wet, 4 laps to go from 8 place to the win. Must have played that 100 times.
What about Rossi game? a couple of years old.
Never played the Rossi game for some reason. Seems like up until now I kept sticking with odd years. Started out with '13, then '15, then '17, and now just got '18. In addition to that had both Ride and Ride 2 which I didn't care for. I also tried out MotoGP '14 when it came out, but didn't like it so I never bought it. My favorite though is probably still WSBK Generations, it's unfortunate that it's so old now and doesn't look all that great by today's standards.
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