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Messing around with my new vinyl cutter

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I recently picked up a vinyl cutter mostly so I could do my own graphics and my wife wants it for some of her crafting stuff.

I've already made all my sponsor decals for the year...

The real fun part comes after I did a whole lot of digging and through a few connections I have I discovered that A* graphics are actually pressed vinyl on top of the leather, and it goes through a heat process to bond it directly to the leather surface. I was skeptical since it looks so good until I poked at it with an x-acto knife. You can clearly see that the black A* graphic on the front of my leathers is on top of the surface.

So, more digging, and after a lot of hunting around I found what I believe is exactly what the leather companies are using to do their graphics these days. I bought some, did a bit with my vinyl cutter, and voila! This is how my suit looks today, which was a plain suit just hours before. I added my name and the Pirelli logo to the front so far, and my number and race team to the back.

Time will tell if I did this right or if it is as durable as the OEM stuff but so far it really looks like it has completely bonded with the leather.

Before you ask: No, I will not make this for your leathers. I need to be certain that the durability is up to par before I consider doing this for others.
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So we have the same Name?.....
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Cool man!

All the possibilities!

Definitely interested in a long term update, if nothing but for informational purposes.
Damn nice work!
Currently working on the rest of my sponsors for this suit. In a few months I will either look totally badass or like I crawled out of a walmart dumpster, depending on how this stuff holds up.
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Super cool!!!
FYI, if you have trouble finding logos the best sites I've used in the past were logotypes.ru and brands of the world. All are flawless vector art.
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What are you using for CAM/run the cutter? Also, what material? I've been trying to get my hands on the thick stuff big name dirt bike graphics companies use.
I've been using a Craft Robo for a few years. I make the decals for my bike and for a few buddies but I have never considered doing them for my leathers. That looks really good.
Thanks 40acres, that is a great site. I have been able to recreate what I have needed but that site would have saved me some time.

I use the software that came with the unit (uscutter) as well as photoshop and illustrator. it gets the job done.
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