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mates just dropped my bike

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Hi guys n gals

Just let a pal of mine have a go on the Zx and he's dropped her, the mushroom did its job but now I need a new foot peg (right). Anyone selling any or do you recommend only buy new ? or can anyone recommend a store or website ?
I'm in leeds if anyone is selling any Tia Shev
Ps she's a 08
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eBay is your friend... or mate.
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I see it's your first post...

Late welcome to the forum! :D
Yea check out Ebay or just buy from an OEM distributor. I'm assuming your mate isn't an asshole and going to buy it for you. If then, definitely get OEM over some cheap Chinese replica shit.

2wheelpros.com or bikebandit.com is what I use depending on who's cheaper.
^ +1 be weary of those Chinese parts , I've had great experiences with bike bandit multiple tmes . Highly recommend
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