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March 8th - Rock Store and more.

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I'm takin' a ride to the Rock Store from Ventura on Sunday. I'm taking Potrero Road from Oxnard up the back side of Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks. That dumps out onto Westlanke Blvd (23) and over to Mulholland. I'm probably gonna leave Ventura around 9-930 and should be at the Rock Store by 10-1030 or so. I might have at least 3 or 4 others with me.

After the Rock Store and some runs around the canyons there I'm (and whoever else is up for it) headed off to Thousand Oaks to Tilted Kilt. There will be a Bike Night from 12-5pm and figure what the hell. Might as well!

So anyone wanna join?
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I've wanted to go to the "Rock Store" since first reading about it in "Motorcyclist" mag back in the 80's.

Share the pics & videos bro
I've wanted to go to the "Rock Store" since first reading about it in "Motorcyclist" mag back in the 80's.

Share the pics & videos bro
I'll do that! Honestly... it's cool. But after a couple of times the same ol' squid fest. However... it IS a pretty nice place to hang out and look at all the bikes!

I go a couple of times a year. Usually on a whim since it's only about 40 minutes ride from me.
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Quick map of the ride. (If you're starting in my neck of the woods.

How did the ride go man? It was such a damn good day to go riding. I saw so many packs of bikes all along pacific coast...got a little jealous lol. Unfortunately I had other shit to do today.
Ride was awesome! We Rolled up to the Rock Store and had breakfast. About 7 of us total. I did a run or two up and back down the snake... Then it was down Mullholland to Stunt Rd. Then out to Tilted Kilt for the Bike event. Which ended up being just us as the only people on bikes... until some Ruthless Riderz dudes showed up. lol Good times and good peeps.

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Groove. video please. :)
My camera wasn't fully charged and my mount is getting a bit shaky. I don't like doing a video that doesn't have more than one angle. So I'll have to do it again and take both cams... and make sure each has a full charge. :D Not worth the video really... But here's one Alex did.

Here are a few pics I took... Just what I have on the phone. I have a few from the GoPro but haven't DL'd them yet.

Before the ride. Waiting for a few peeps.

This was the coolest bike at the Rock Store in my opinion. There were plenty of bad ass two-wheeled contraptions... but this one stole my lil' heart. :)

Because Braapfast... I mean.. breakfast. :D

OK... here he is... MoM... you had a totally wrong idea of what he'd look like. No... Alexzx6r is NOT a short, stalky Mexican. He's a middle aged, tall, bald white dude.

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