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It is pretty damn simple, I just got sick of taking the side pieces off to get the seat off, It's also good to have if you get a dead battery. I have an 05 so I dont know if it will work for other years, but I love it.
1. Take off the two side panels below the seat, and take out the two bolts that hold in the seat. Then remove the seat.

2. I used two extra bolts I that are the same as the ones that hold in the side panels to replace the bolts that hold in the seat, but two dome head phillips bolts would work that are easily found at the hardware store, or sittin around in the garage somewhere.

3.Then with the side panels still removed, install the seat, and it will snap securely into place, do this a couple of times to get the feel for it. I havent ever had it come off accidentally when I am riding.

4. Then just put the side panels back on, I think you'll like it a lot better, I know I do.
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