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Major electrical problem

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Ok to start I have a 06 636 last year after I got the bike I put 200 miles on it then it died found burnt fuel pump harness and main wiring harness on the ground side so I now have a slightly used harness and fuel pump and a new battery fully charge but the problem is when I turn on the ign key the fi light, tail light, turn signals, brake light and the upper throttle plates come on and that's it when I check voltage from the ign there are two wires with power the brown wire have system voltage but the grey wire only has 9.5v to the ecu does anyone know what the wake up voltage who LD be for the ecu or know if both of those are suppose to have system voltage at the ecu we only have 9.5v available and yes I have checked fuses and grounds please help
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Yes I already have that was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or heard of this problem that might have an area to look at first
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